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  The characteristics of carrot bags and garbage bags are wholesale and carrot bags. The bags used are supermarkets. Most of them are colorless and transparent. They are made by a single plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene) reproduction. They are colorless and tasteless. Everyone who often uses them is hot food, such as soybean milk, sheep soup, etc.
  The garbage bag is thick and has a large space for storing any material. The components of garbage bags contain not only polyethylene and polypropylene, but also polyvinyl chloride and formaldehyde, and even residues harmful to human body. According to the relevant detection mechanism, PVC contains more ingredients in the garbage bag. Additives and plasticizers have been added in the early stage of PVC plastic products, and the heat will reduce its chemical stability after the later PVC meeting. Equivalent to the garbage bag is highly toxic chlorine additive, which will be carried out in the air under high temperature conditions. After breathing, people will be poisoned in the respiratory tract and the skin and mucous membrane. When it is slight, it will feel a little burning and pressure. The throat symptoms will be itchy and inflamed. Even if it is difficult to breathe, there will be stinging tears in the eyes. In chronic poisoning, the disease is neurasthenia, which will damage the liver and hinder the normal progress of digestive function. Therefore, in the human nervous system, vertigo, headache, fatigue will often occur. Memory loss, impetuosity and other obvious symptoms, and then can make people anorexia, nausea, back inflation. Over time, it will develop into serious hemangioma, leukemia, cancer and other major diseases.
  At present, this kind of garbage bag is widely used by aquatic products and seafood traders in the farmers' market. The original intention of merchants is to load more goods and gain more benefits. You can test it with experiments. You put a green vegetable in the bag, tie it to your mouth, store it overnight, open the bag the next day, you will smell a smell, and the color of the vegetable will change. What makes vegetables discolored is the pungent smell, which is the effect of toxic substances in garbage bags.
  Generally speaking, the composition of colored plastic bags is more complicated than that of colorless plastic bags. The relationship between taste and toxicity is in direct proportion. Black smoke is produced during the combustion of toxic plastics.
  The above is the sharing of Jinan convenience bag today. Are you satisfied? Welcome to pay attention to our website and our products. We will provide you with excellent products. We sincerely hope to establish cooperation with you.

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