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Plastic bags are often used when shopping. Are you using them as garbage bags? In fact, plastic bags have many wonderful uses? Small knitting will take you to have a look
Prevent wrinkles
When folding clothes, fold plastic bags together in the clothes. The clothes and clothes are also separated by plastic bags. No matter how many clothes are put, they are not afraid of being squeezed, so they are not easy to wrinkle.
Prevent leather shoes from deteriorating
First, wipe the leather shoes with wet cloth, put them in the shade to dry, put on the shoe polish, brush them with the shoe brush and put them into the dry plastic bag, discharge the gas in the bag, and tie them tightly with the rope, so as to prevent the leather shoes from drying and deterioration.
Keep the windows from freezing
For those who use the stove to keep warm in winter, they often see a layer of ice on the outdoor windows, which is often condensed because the water vapor meets the cold air outside. When the ice melts, there will be more than water flow on the windowsill. If the window is equipped with screens, the white plastic film can be nailed on the wooden frame of the screens to prevent the glass from freezing.
Fresh radish
Before and after the winter solstice is the best time to dry the radish. After drying the radish skin, put it into a plastic bag, and fasten the bag mouth with a rope, so that the radish will not go bad even if it is stored for more than two months.
Fresh cabbage
In winter, cabbage is easy to be frostbitten. If the temperature is below 0 ℃, plastic bags can be used to cover the cabbage and tie the mouth of the bag. If the temperature is above 0 ℃, cover the cabbage with a plastic bag from the root, do not prick the mouth, and stand the root down on the ground.
Persimmon Deastringency
Put the persimmon in a clean plastic bag. According to the number of persimmon, choose 1-2 pears to put in the persimmon. Then tie the plastic bag tightly and put it in a cool place for about a week.
Preserve dried pepper
After the hot peppers are strung up for drying, use plastic bags to thread out the string of hot peppers from the bottom, and then hang it up. Take out the plastic bags every 1-2 months and take out the hot peppers for drying, so as to keep the hot peppers clean and healthy ,It will not grow insects and corrupt.
Avoid putrid mildew
If you want to preserve the beancurd, you should first dry it to reduce the moisture content of the beancurd to about 12% - 14%, then put it into a plastic bag, fasten the bag mouth, and store it in a cool and ventilated place below 33 ℃, so as to avoid moisture and mildew.
Save cucumber
The freshly picked cucumbers are fresh, tender and crisp. They are packed in plastic food bags, tightly packed and placed in a cool place indoors. They can be preserved for 4-7 days in summer, or even 8-15 days in autumn and winter when the indoor temperature is low.
Dry bread softens again
What should I do if the bread is dry? Wrap it with wax paper, then wrap it with wet paper, put it into a plastic bag dipped in water, tie the bag tightly, and put it for one night. Then the bread will be soft and delicious again.
Save rice
When cooking, add 20g vinegar to 500g rice, the cooked rice will not have sour taste, and it is more delicious and conducive to preservation. Put the unfinished rice in a plastic food bag and seal it, and put it in a cool place or refrigerator for a period of time.
Prevent wool from winding
When knitting sweaters, if two groups of wool are used at the same time, they can be placed in the same plastic bag, so that the thread ends of each group can be penetrated from different holes in the bag, so as to avoid the wool twining together.

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